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Can a New Roof Help Lower Your Energy Bills?

Replacing your roof can make your home more energy efficient and lower the monthly utility bill. How you build a roof and what type of roofing material you choose are the main factors for reducing your energy expenditure. Competent roofers can help you improve your energy efficiency by selecting improved materials.

How Does Your Roof Affect Energy Efficiency?

The right roofing material can make a significant difference. There are characteristics you should consider when replacing your roof. Cool roof coatings can reduce cooling costs by up to 30% in hotter areas, and we all know that Reno, NV is certainly one of those. These coatings are best for low-sloped roofs. Modernized shingles can reflect the sun’s rays into the atmosphere to lower your home’s internal temperature. Newer shingles can also keep winds up to 130 mph from damaging your home.

Does the Color of Your Shingles Matter?

The correct color of your shingles depends on where you live. Darker colors absorb more heat. Use lighter colors to reduce AC costs in Reno and other hot climates. In a colder climate, a darker color would reduce heating costs and retain more warmth after sunset.

Asphalt Roofing Shingle Benefits

Some asphalt roofing shingles have an infusion of reflective granules, which makes them an affordable way to enhance your roof’s energy efficiency. Roofing materials utilize a solar reflectance index of 0.0 to 1.0 to express their cooling performance. The latter represents 100% reflectance of sunlight with no heat absorption. To achiever ENERGY STAR certification, shingles must have an initial solar reflectance of at least 0.25 and a three-year solar reflectance measurement of at least 0.15.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Metal roofing can come in various styles and materials, including steel, aluminum, and copper. Metal roofs reflect solar energy into the atmosphere and come in colors to match residential and commercial buildings. Lighter colors can save you up to 25% on energy bills. While metal is more expensive than asphalt, metal roofing lasts longer.

Roofing Tile Benefits

Installing roofing tiles can lower annual air conditioner costs by up to 20% in hot states. Roofing tiles overlap and allow air circulation. The layers of tiles act as extra insulation and a way for hot air to circulate. The most common materials for roofing tiles are clay and concrete. Although you will have to pay more for these, their energy efficiency should outweigh the cost.

Rely on Local Experts

A new roof can lower your monthly energy bill, but picking the best roofing material for your residence requires careful planning. Once you’ve come to the right decision, you’ll also want your roofing work done by experienced professionals. Let our conscientious team at Joe’s Roofing assist you with both. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and numerous five-star reviews. If you’re planning to replace your roof anywhere in the Reno area, call us at Joe’s Roofing today to learn about your options.

Joe's Roofing did a great job -- they quickly provided a bid that was very reasonable; they showed up when they said they would to do the work; they were very responsive and communicative; and they finished the job ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend!!
Shelley Nork

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Joe's Roofing was on time and was very responsive to any questions we had. The crew cleaned up at the end of each day and the finished roof looks great. I am very happy to recommend Joe's Roofing.
Frank Frazzetta
We used Joe to get a new roof this spring. He was very professional and his prices were competitive. HIs crew was amazing and they did an excellent job. Special thanks to Alfonso who went over and above the whole time he was there. Thank you and we love our new roof.
Susan Dickson-Hanchett
Joe promptly answered our call for assistance, even though it was the day before Thanksgiving. Joe went out of his way to complete a roof inspection within a very tight time frame and provided the information we needed. He took the time to answer our questions and was polite and punctual as well.
M Webb
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