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Roof Repair in Reno, NV

Unfortunately, when you talk to many roofing contractors in Reno, NV, they make it sound like roof repairs are unreliable and a waste of your hard-earned money. But that is not an honest representation of this often economical solution for a Reno, NV leaky roof. The roof repair experts at Joe’s Roofing complete hundreds of very dependable yet affordable roof repairs each month in the Northwestern Nevada area.

When you find that your roof is leaking or damaged by a storm or high wind, call (775) 451-3447. Our team is standing by 24/7 to provide fast emergency service any time you need us. Our goal is to provide you with the fast and affordable modern roofing solutions you need while also leaving you 100% satisfied with your service!

Dreaded Roof Leaks

Not all roof leaks are apparent. Unfortunately, many are hard to detect initially. You will only discover them when you notice some of the telltale signs of a roof leak which include:

Not all roof leaks are apparent. Unfortunately, many are hard to detect initially. You will only discover them when you notice some of the telltale signs of a roof leak which include:

Roof Debris

Depending on the type of roof you have, removing debris could be very dangerous or harmful if not done by a professional. Larger tree branches or other debris can crack roof tiles. Cut holes in shingles, or cause structural damage to the framework supporting your roof surface. As soon as you notice debris on your roof, call (775) 451-3447. A visit from our pros could avoid extensive damage to your home from a small leak that goes undetected until the water damage has become significant.

Tile Roof Repair

Many of our Reno, NV roof leak repair calls are due to damaged tiles. It is not uncommon to see tree branches and other debris flying through the air and landing on someone’s tile roof during storm season. In most cases, the impact of even a small tree branch is enough to crack a few tiles and compromise the integrity of the roof. The secret to limiting the water damage inside your home is calling the pros at Joe’s Roofing as soon as you suspect any damage to the tiles on your home’s roof.

Shingle Damage

Another common reason for a Reno, NV roof leak repair call might not appear serious, but it can be. The asphalt shingles on your home’s roofs look very durable and tough. But when they are damaged by debris, high wind, or even from extended sun exposure, the roof’s integrity can be in question. If you notice that shingles on your roof are cracked, split, missing, or damaged in any way, call (775) 451-3447 for a roof inspection and repair. Correcting minor damage with a single repair can save you thousands of dollars in water damage the next time a storm blows through.

Why Choose A Professional Roof Repair?

Most homeowners dread the thought of replacing their roofs. But there is also the concern about wasting money on a repair that does not eliminate the issue. At Joe’s Roofing, we back our repairs with a 5-year warranty on the labor, so you never need to worry about a failed roof repair. Other advantages of a roof repair over a roof replacement include:

When you need a Reno, NV roofing company you trust, call (775) 451-3447 for immediate service from the Joe’s Roofing team.

Joes Roofing is awesome! We were trying to close on our house sale and he was able to come out quickly and get the tiles replaced! Will use again!
Cass Eversull

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What Our Clients Say:

Super responsive, came quick to give an estimate, and actually came to repair quickly as well. In the time of not being able to find roofers or skilled labor, joes roofing saved us from our leak getting worse and causing further damage. He shows the actual damage as well with detailed pictures.
Drin Chow
I called Joe about roof repairs for a house I just purchased. He came out the next morning and had a very practical, long-lasting solution (using high quality materials). His team took care of this within a few days at a very fair price. I especially appreciated how communicative he was because I was moving from out of the area. Very straightforward with pride of workmanship.
D. Misra
Joe answered his phone right away, came by the next day and fixed wind damaged tiles on our roof. I would highly recommend him for your roofing needs. Not like the other guys who take forever to get back to you and are booked out for weeks. He is busy but still responsive and does quality work.
Annie Dunn
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