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Roof Replacement in Reno, NV

Deciding it is time for a roof replacement is a significant step. And one that involves a financial commitment as well as the time to get the project completed. So the first choice you will face as you head down this path is selecting the best roof replacement company in Reno, NV. At Joe’s Roofing, we have built our reputation as the honest roofing company that will provide you with reliable information and assessments, no matter why you have called (775) 369-1919.

If you ask for a roof repair but actually need a Reno, NV roof replacement, we will let you know that information and why we believe a replacement is the best solution. However, if you call for a roof replacement quote and we believe a repair is more suitable, we will also tell you that. For years, we have been running our family-owned and operated business out of Reno, and we know that customers appreciate honesty and options. So we always provide honest assessments, and whenever possible, we give you options to fit the roof replacement or repair into your budget. Call (775) 369-1919 when you have any concerns about your roof, and our experts will explain any issues we find and how we recommend correcting them.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks come in all shapes and sizes, from massive holes that allow rain to soak your home to minor damage that is hard to locate and only leaks occasionally. But at Joe’s Roofing, we know that any leak holds the potential to create tens of thousands of dollars in water damage and mold complications. Of course, our experts are ready to repair all significant leaks, but in the case of small leaks, you might not even know that they exist until you discover the signs of damage in your home. Some of the most common indications of water damage include:

At the first sign of water damage in your home, call the roof leak experts at (775) 369-1919. Our team will arrive quickly, provide you with an accurate assessment of your roof, and tell you if a new Reno, NV roof installation is the best solution.

Severe Roof Damage

After a severe storm blows through Northwestern Nevada, many homeowners are anxious to get outside to look for any damage to their roofs. Unfortunately, everything from broken tree branches to flying debris can land on your roof and cause surface and structural damage. In most cases, structural damage will require removing the old roof to repair the frame of your home. Then a new roof can be installed. Our experts will assess the damage to your home and provide you with a cost quote for a roof replacement if it is the most cost-effective and long-term solution for your home.

Roof Debris

Any debris on your roof, from a pile of leaves to a large tree limb, can cause damage. In the case of leaves and other lightweight debris, the hazard is typically due to moisture that causes decomposition of the roofing material. Leaves and small debris are very hard on asphalt shingles and other composite roofing materials. When you notice anything on your roof, call (775) 369-1919. Never risk your safety trying to climb on the roof and remove the debris. Our crew has years of experience safely removing debris and evaluating the damage it caused. If there is excessive rotting or damage, we will provide you with a very competitive quote for your Reno, NV roof replacement.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs offer exceptional fire retardant capability, but they also become very brittle after years in the sun. So when you find that the tiles on your roof are cracking and leaking, a complete roof replacement is typically the best choice. At Joe’s Roofing, our team will access the tiles and determine if the damage and wear are significant enough to warrant roof replacement. If so, we will provide you with a cost to replace the tile roof or options for other materials that look like tile but are lighter weight and less breakable.

Shingle Roofs

A shingle roof replacement in Reno, NV is one of the most affordable roof installations we offer. In addition, there are many options for color and other design details that will enhance the look of your home and its value, thanks to the brand new roof.

Call (775) 369-1919 for a cost quote for a roof installation in Reno, NV. And know that the Joe’s Roofing team will make a thorough inspection of the roof to ensure that a replacement is the best solution to your roofing concerns.

Joe's Roofing did a great job -- they quickly provided a bid that was very reasonable; they showed up when they said they would to do the work; they were very responsive and communicative; and they finished the job ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend!!
Shelley Nork

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