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5 Tell-Tale Signs your Roof Is Failing

When your roof is approaching the end of its life, you may encounter multiple repair problems. How can you tell if your roof is becoming a hazard? Here are some tell-tale signs of danger.

1. Cracks in the Interior Wall

You may notice different types of cracks on the wall. Hairline cracking is cosmetic and usually not a significant concern. However, excessive humidity can weaken the roof’s framing, causing cracks that run across the ceiling and walls. The cracking can weaken the structure, making it dangerous for your home. If you spot cracking around the chimney or the roof eaves, you may want to organize a roofing inspection.

2. Stains on the Ceiling and Walls

Another critical sign of a failing structure includes stains running down the ceiling and walls. It may be an indication of a water leak in your attic or roof.

You may also spot mold growth at the intersection between the roof and the exterior wall. This could indicate a problem with the flashing or underlayment. While you can repair minor flashing damage, fungal growth is a sign of chronic problems. Joe’s Roofing recommends calling for emergency roofing repair services whenever you spot moisture problems in Reno, NV.

3. Extensive Corrosion on the Gutters

You should clean the gutters and downspouts regularly to ensure that the water drains properly. Otherwise, faulty gutters can deteriorate the roof’s siding and weaken the foundation.

Corrosion at the seams and joints of the gutters could indicate a standing water problem. You may need to adjust the downspout’s pitch. A professional can pinpoint other issues with the roof.

4. Sagging Roof and Building’s Structure

Sagging is an indication that your roofing is at a critical stage. It is a sign that the building can no longer hold up the weight. The roof can be a hazard to walk on and should be inspected by a professional.

In severe cases, it may affect the structure, making the door difficult to open and close. The hot, dry climate in southwest Nevada can split wood due to inadequate insulation. At such an advanced stage of deterioration, roof replacement may be the best option for your Reno home.

5. Curling or Warping Shingles

If your asphalt shingle roof is approaching the end of its life, you may notice buckling or warping tiles. Since the tiles’ finish deteriorates as they get older, you may find shingle granules in the gutter.

Keep an eye out for nails that are popping. They provide room for the water to get under the roofing. The tiles ought to be secured properly on the structure. If there are multiple damaged shingles across the roof, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with your roofer.

A professional evaluation is critical if you suspect your roof is approaching the end of its life. You can call Joe’s Roofing for an honest assessment of your home’s roofing in Reno, NV.

Joe's Roofing did a great job -- they quickly provided a bid that was very reasonable; they showed up when they said they would to do the work; they were very responsive and communicative; and they finished the job ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend!!
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