Add Energy-Efficiency To Your New Roof Wish List

Regardless of the season, your Reno home’s roof takes a beating. The weather is tough on roofing material, from the heat and baking sunlight in the summer to the wet, windy storm season and winter cold. So you are sure to be shopping for a very durable material when it is time for a roof replacement. But don’t forget to check into some simple options to increase your home’s energy efficiency when adding that new roof.

We all know that warm air rises, so your home’s roof is the last line of defense before that air you paid to heat escapes. A roof that provides added insulation and a better seal to the upper surface of your home will help retain the heat that you have spent your hard-earned dollars to create. In the summer months, cool roofing material will reflect the sun’s heat to help keep your home more comfortable and your energy bills more manageable.

Check Out The Insulation

No roof can provide the protection you need from heat or cold without proper insulation. It is also essential that homeowners understand that there is a proper amount of insulation required in an attic. More is not always better, you can have too much, and the result could be early deterioration of your roofing material. Older homes typically have sparse insulation and will benefit significantly from new or added insulation before installing a new roof.

Consider A Cool Roof Coating

For the most benefit in the hot months of the summertime, a cool roof coating could be your cost-effective solution. If you have ever gone out in the sun in the summertime wearing all dark clothing, you know how quickly you can overheat. The sun’s rays beat down on that dark material, and you instantly begin to suffer. Dark roof materials also retain more heat and make your home warmer.

But you can have that issue eliminated with a coating of cool roof paint. A professional roofer applies the paint that turns your dark heat holding roof to a lighter color that will reflect most of the sun’s radiant heat. Not only does it provide a temperature benefit, but it also increases the UV protection and water resistance of your home’s roof.

Shop For Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

When you think of a new roof, almost everyone pictures shingles as their roofing material. However, if you are interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency, you should be looking at other materials.

Metal roofs are considered the most energy-efficient material available. They reflect the most radiant heat from the sun and can be coated with several materials to increase their reflective capability. A metal roof can provide a 20 to 30% decrease in a household’s annual cooling costs in the warmest climates. Other benefits of a metal roof are that the surface is fire-resistant, insect-proof, and more environmentally friendly than other surfaces. The drawback is that this is a more costly roof to have installed. But the return on investment comes each month with lower utility bills.

Tile is also a good choice as it promotes natural ventilation and thermal resistance. The tiles can be painted with a reflective material to increase radiant heat resistance. In addition, they are recyclable and last up to 50 years, making them a very green option. Whichever material you choose for your new roof, be sure that it carries the Energy Star rating making it one of the most energy-efficient options.

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