Tips To Get Your Roof Through Hurricane Season

Hurricane season can be one of the most stressful times of the year for you and your roof. The violent weather threatens the safety of you, your loved ones, and your home. And all that is between you and that howling wind and the harsh storm is your roof. Many homeowners in the Reno area want to know if there are any ways to protect their roof from this destructive force and how to best handle any damage to prevent future issues. The experts at Joe’s Roofing have come together to create a list of tips for all homeowners to ensure that their roofs are ready for everything that hurricane season can dish out.

Replace Worn Or Damage Shingles

All the singles on your roof need to work together to fend off the powerful wind and rain that comes in hurricane season. So if you have damaged or worn shingles, they will be the weakest point in your roof and the most likely to leak. The best choice for these replacements is newer wind-resistant singles designed to withstand up to 150 miles per hour of force. It is also essential to locate any loose shingles and apply a generous amount of quality roofing adhesive to ensure that they remain in place to do their part in protecting your home.

Reinforce The Structure Of Your roof

The shingles on your roof are only part of the structure protecting your home. The framework of the roof is also an essential component. The stronger the framing, the more durable the roof surface will become. Overlapping 2 X 4s  across your roof trusses will add to the strength of your roof and increase your safety when inside the house during high winds. This is a more in-depth process and could be something that you call the pros at Joe’s Roofing to assist you with. Our team will provide you with a free price quote for this work or any job when you give us a call at (775) 369-1919.

Seal Any Gaps

Not only do you want your roof to be water-tight, but you need it to seal seamlessly to the other parts of your house. Inspect all of the joints where the roof meets the walls or other surfaces of your home. If you locate any gaps or even small cracks, seal them with a water-resistant sealant. Be sure to thoroughly inspect around the chimney, vent pipes, skylights, or other service openings on the roof to eliminate the potential for a roof leak.

Manage Rainwater Carefully

The gutters and downspouts on your house will serve to get all the water off the roof of your home and away from the foundation. Make sure that all the gutters and downspouts are clog-free and in good working order. You can test them by taking a garden hose to the roof to ensure that the water flows unobstructed through the gutters and away from the house to eliminate the potential of a flood in your home.

If you have any concerns about the durability of your roof, call (775) 369-1919. The Joe’s Roofing team is here to provide expert guidance and service to help ensure that your roof is ready to protect you and your home this hurricane season. We always offer as many cost-effective repair solutions and their prices as possible. And then work with you to determine which full warrantied option will work best for your needs and budget. Remember, making a small investment in your roof before the storms arrive is the best way to avoid far more costly repairs and the added stress of dealing with storm damage to your home.

Joe's Roofing did a great job -- they quickly provided a bid that was very reasonable; they showed up when they said they would to do the work; they were very responsive and communicative; and they finished the job ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend!!
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Joe's Roofing was on time and was very responsive to any questions we had. The crew cleaned up at the end of each day and the finished roof looks great. I am very happy to recommend Joe's Roofing.
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We used Joe to get a new roof this spring. He was very professional and his prices were competitive. HIs crew was amazing and they did an excellent job. Special thanks to Alfonso who went over and above the whole time he was there. Thank you and we love our new roof.
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Joe promptly answered our call for assistance, even though it was the day before Thanksgiving. Joe went out of his way to complete a roof inspection within a very tight time frame and provided the information we needed. He took the time to answer our questions and was polite and punctual as well.
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