Ice dams and snow on roof and gutters after bitter cold in New England, USA

Why Is Your Roof Leaking During Winter?

As the winter weather settles in, you’ll start dealing with slick driveways and other issues. The winter weather can bring along snow, sleet, and ice with freezing weather, damaging your roof over time. Wet roofs are a common issue during winter, and there are a few reasons why your roof may leak this time of year.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutters can clog from leaves and dirt and then ice as the weather gets colder. Blocked gutters can’t drain the melting ice and snow from your roof. Eventually, water can back up from the clogged gutters and seep under your shingles, which can cause winter roof leaking.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are thick ridges of ice that form when the snow melts off the slope of your roof and refreezes at the eaves. Ice dams will block snow and water from leaving your roof, causing more freezing and new layers of ice. The water and snow can get under your roof’s shingles and become a leak. The longer ice dams last, the more severe the damage to your home’s structure and roof.

Damaged Shingles

Roof leaks can be from missing, cracked, and damaged shingles. Winter storms can bring falling branches, high winds, or hail, which can remove shingles. Missing or damaged shingles leave your roof deck exposed to water. Our roofers can inspect your roof before winter weather arrives.

Attic Condensation

Warm air rises, but the warm air in your attic cools and creates condensation during winter. The excess water can create roof leaks during winter weather. Condensation may even cause your roof to rot.

Fixing Your Roof

Our roofers can fix issues on your roof and remove ice dams. Heavy-duty equipment, such as steamers, can remove the ice dams. Winter weather can cause problems to your roof, and our roofers can inspect the problem areas. Repairs may involve repairing damaged shingles or replacing missing ones. Condensation in your attic can lead to leaks and damage your roof, and roofers can add extra insulation. The new insulation protects your attic by sealing off air leaks and reducing excess moisture.

Prevent Winter Roof Leaks

Check your roof for weak spots or rot to protect your roof from winter weather. Install a sheet metal drip edge that fits the roof’s perimeter and prevents ice dams. Be sure to clean your gutters regularly to remove debris and check for rot. You may notice a leak by seeing water damage on your ceiling. Check your attic more often to catch water damage on the roof before the damage spreads.

Roof leaks occur when the weather cools for a variety of reasons. You can check your attic, gutters, and roof before the cold weather arrives. A roofer can get ahead of the damage if you notice ice dams or snow buildup. As the weather changes in Reno, NV, call us at Joe’s Roofing for a roof repair or replacement today.

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